Celestium Rush: Space Marine

In the not so distant future, humanity travels amoung the stars. With travel comes peril and with peril comes the potential extenction of civilization as humanity knows it. When technology fails, the United Earth Syndicate turns to dark policies that were banned in preceding centuries. The Genen Sapien is born and takes to the stars in defense of the human interests. However, conflict arrises and the Genens separate themselves from earth society. Forming a warrior utopia based on Syndicate Marine traditions, the Genens quickly advance but in the vast emptiness of space extinction always lies coiled around the next corner.

Become affiliated with the Pantheogenen Coilation, take command of Genen Marines, and prepare for battle. Build defenses and assault orhter bases to gain reputation, honor, and glory for Genen kind. In space, conflict is simply practice for the unknown. War doesn't exist, only annihilation.